What is happening around HackFMI

A month ago, I started a project called HackFMI – a 3-day hackathon, based in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics with few simple ideas:

  • Establish a tradition in the Faculty.
  • Involve all the students in solving the infrastructural and educational problems by using software and hardware

And since I haven’t been blogging for a while (At least, not in my blog. In HackFMI – almost every day :D) I decided to share a summary of what happened so far:



The event is going to happen and it’s going to be big!

The dates are 12th, 13th and 14th of April, starting on Friday around 18:00 and ending on Sunday, around 22:00.

We have the entire 3rd floor of the faculty booked and ready to use for the hackathon!

For now, we have over 100 registered students to take part in the hackathon!

Sponsors and Partners

Of course, if We are going to do the event, We are going to do it big!

So far, 4 big and awesome companies decided to become sponsors of the event.
You can read the intro articles for each one of them.

Also, two more are on the way.

We managed to get SuperHosting.bg as a hosting partner, so the participants would have the cloud power in their hands, when developing their apps during the hackathon.

Technical mentors to help the students

This hackathon is going to be something more.

During the second day of the event, the technical mentors will be at disposal to help the students with their code.
We are building an A-list of the best programmers from Bulgaria’s top IT companies.

And to keep it awesome, if someone wants to join as a technical member, he must do a pull request to the list of all mentors !

Blog coverage and spreading the word

You can read more about HackFMI in the following blogs and forums:

Want to get involved?

You can always like the Facebook page for HackFMI and follow all updates there.

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