The Awakening in Bulgaria – A Protest By-product

In Bulgaria right now, there is a massive unrest. Every evening, approximately 20k people gather to protest against the current government – The Bulgarian Socialist Party.

And while there are many downsides when people protest for a long time, I want to pay attention to something else – people in Sofia (The capital of Bulgaria) are slowly awakening from the 20 year slumber, after the fall of the communist regime, and the consequences after this government falls down will be huge and in my opinion – very positive.

A sea of people at the protests

A sea of people at the protests

Everyday, people are getting more and more creative with their banners. Everyday, more people who were never before interested in the political scene, start to pay attention and to participate (For example – you can see a lot of the Bulgarian developers and entrepreneurs taking part in the protest).
Here are few very bright examples:

Creativity Unlocked

We are creative people but we do not express ourselves very often.
Because of the protest, people started thinking – “How can we make our statement more fun, more sarcastic and with a deeper meaning ? Everyone can make a banner saying “Resign!”. I want to make something better!”

Pavel Kolev, a smart and young software engineer, became viral with his dog, carrying a different and witty banner everyday. His post got more than 750 likes and shares in just few days!

In order to stay creative, people can check the following tumblr page : to get fresh ideas for their posters.

And of course, the most creative ones are viral in the social networks (Twitter and Facebook)

Every night, at “Orlov Most” (Eagle Bridge in English, which became something like the main point for protests) – there is a carnival.
People dance and sign. People do standup comedy with political theme in front of everyone.

This creativity boost will show people who if you are creative and share your work with others – it will be appreciated!

Social Media and the Developers of Bulgaria

Facebook released their hashtag support just in time.
The Bulgarian #ДАНСWithMe quickly became the most used hashtag in Facebook 🙂 (There are no official data supporting this claim yet)

Also, in Twitter, it’s easy to check what’s happening right now at the protest and read some more sarcastic tweets.

The big news here is that software developers from Bulgaria (Some of the best ones here) started paying attention to what’s happening.

In just few days we got a map, that you can track the protest in realtime. Credits goes to Petko Bordjukov.

There’s a Google Chrome extension, called #IgnorePeevski, that warns you each time when you attempt to enter one of the corrupt media websites.
The protest began when Delyan Peevski (The guy who holds most of the media in Bulgaria) was elected to be Chief of the National Security Agency.

In his media websites, there is a war against the protesters and the president of Bulgaria, so it’s a good idea to keep your browsing clean of that bullshit.
The code can be found in GitHub too!

Boyan Yurukov, an Open Data activist, who is responsible for tons of open data goodness in Bulgaria, started a GitHub repo where everyone can contribute to make a new law for elections.|

As you can see, we are at the beginning of a new Bulgaria – a country that will be driven by entrepreneurs, smart and young people who actually care.

Clean Everything Corrupt

In such restless times, it is easy to see which media are corrupt and which politicians are ready to do everything they can, in order to remain in power (Which means, in money)

Right now, it’s clear which Media, Corporations and Politics are crearly in a relationship. And while they struggle to hold the power, people demand change.
A change, that begins with the resignation of the current government and continuous with change in the political system and most importantly, change in ourselves.

One of the creative posters

One of the creative posters

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