Snug Essentials – Indiegogo this Snuggable idea!

I don’t always do such blog posts, but when I do, the idea is really awesome and i like it !

Petya Miteva, part of the Snug Essentials team, happened to pitch their idea at a Start It Smart meeting and everyone loved it.

Bulgaria is famous with that every grandmother knits socks & pullovers for their grandchildren, so why not use their skills and create something, that can be sold as a fashion accessory ?
Enter Snug Essentials – hand-knit covers for your laptop, iPad or Kindle.

Laptop Covers

Laptop Covers

And there is a nice sustainable business model for the knitters – they get paid well and have a job after their retirement, and they do this job like no other (Knitting skills over 9000).
Since the pensions in Bulgaria are really low (Around 100 BGN), this is one of the main reason that i liked the project so much.
You get some really well-knitted covers, while the knitters get paid more than the average payment in this industry.
Grandma Knitter

Grandma Knitter

The products will be mainly focused for the european market and they will sell to the medium to high-price market. (Which can provide the better payment for Knitters)

Okay, the idea is cool, what can i do ?

Well, there are two main call to actions:

And finally – be snuggable !

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