My pick for the companies from the second Long Weekend

Lets establish a tradition here.
Every time there is a Long Weekend (This is the LAUNCHub’s 4-day event where the shortlisted companies pitch & get feedback in order to prepare for the pitching in front of the investment comite) i will write a blog post like that.

I was part of the volunteers, on behalf of Start It Smart, for the Long Weekend and i managed to catch all of the pitches, talk with most of the companies and actually give them feedback.

The last time, i got 6 out of 8 teams (Here is the post [In Bulgarian]) so there’s a record to beat.

Look Book

Look Book

I will give my top 5 list with additional 2 companies, because instead of 16, only 14 companies showed for this Long Weekend.
Here goes the list (You can check all of the shortlisted here)

  • Monolytic – The one-man-army that can change the life of IPTV developers and providers for better. Great technology, should not be missed.
  • SMARThousekeeping – I don’t believe in the product, but the team is rock solid. They should get the investment.
  • Dragon Inside – They have traction and are already making money. Plus, the service is addressing a very interesting problem.
  • Transmetrics – They are solving a problem I don’t understand, but again, the team is solid (Exit to VMWare, Got network in entire Europe)
  • Tesseract Games – Orcs Must Die! in Space. How cool is that?

And the additional two, that can easily go in the list:

  • Cars Cup – From the founders of eRepublik, an online game where you manage a racing behind the name of your favourite car brand. Users will stick.
  • UseTogether – Share Economy is hot. I got the chance to talk with the team and those guys are cool. I hope i’ll get the chance to speak with them in Bulgaria more often. Also, their brand is already developed visually, so the marketing for them will be an easy task (Giraffes in space !)

In order to catch some of the vibe of the second Long Weekend, you can check’s live blogging:

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  1. Victor says:

    So it seems you were right about UseTogether.


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