Launching EXITORFAIL Beta!

Exitorfail made it to beta!
We are happy to announce that today, EXITORFAIL is going live. A crazy idea, that we managed to bootstrap in the beginning of January 2013, for a page, where people meet with the startups from the ecosystem, vote & give feedback for them. At the end, everything is aggregated in a leaderboard.

You can read some more information about the project or just skip and go to the website for some action. Your choice !

Breaking the fortress

Breaking the fortress

The symbolism behing the picture – we ar trying to break the wall of silence and make people more engaged with the ecosystem!


The idea is very simple.
In order to have more awesome startups, people must give feedback and be early adopters to the current ones.
And that is still something rare in the Bulgarian ecosystem.
How can we make people give feedback ? Simple enough – make it easy for them and make it a game!
Every vote goes into a ranking so there’s an extra incentive for everyone.

Also, there’s something special for each voter to unlock, at the end of his journey ! Make sure to find out what it is 🙂

The terminology is simple enough

  • Exit means something good and is used to generally describe “I think this company is a winner and they are going to survive”.
  • On the other hand, Fail means “I don’t think that company will survive.”

Before casting your vote and giving your feedback, you can click on the company to get some additional information about them.

The team

We are awesome! A powerful creative force.

Zori helped us by facilitating a design sprint (Where we did a ton of work about the platform) and there will be a story about that very soon! Design sprints rock!

Beta version

We were planning to launch at the end of January, but it’s better to go out as soon as possible and gather feedback & ideas.
We have a UserVoice profile set up, so it is strongly recommended that if you find any bug, or something crashes, or something is weird, to go and drop few lines there. We are going in a constant-fix mode, so any feedback will be taken into consideration.

You can use the feedback plugin in the page too.

Of course, if you gives us a feedback, you will receive a hug!

Now Go Vote!

You can vote for as many startups as you want (This includes only one or all of them)
Click on their names to see more information about them.
When you are ready – submit your email. We use it for confirmation.
Everything is anonymous!
In order to go to our awesome page and begin your journey, follow this link.

What’s next?

Right now, we will try to create the near-perfect system for, that is up-to-date with each new Cohort from the funds.

EXITORFAIL is just part1. There are more startupheroes to be unlocked and more epic stuff to be created.
If you are willing to invest or sponsor the upcoming series, and have a great team under your wing, drop us an email 😉

Big Thanks!

To all of our beta testers, that came to betahaus | Sofia and recorded their experience with the platform. We learned a lot from the users themselves 😉

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  1. Boyan says:

    Nice idea Rado & team,

    A little bit of harmless sentiment analysis + a simple overview of the start-ups in the ecosystem.

    Will be funky to see how it develops and grows from here


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