I Should Stop Working for Free

One day i woke up, and a very specific meme image was on my mind :

I Should Stop Working For Free

I Should Stop Working For Free

Yep. I should stop working for free. At some point, if you don’t monetize your skills, you just have a lot of hobbies.
And hobbies, unfortunately, don’t pay bills.

That’s why I decided to start monetizing some of the things I love doing, starting with my blog (and not placing ads).
I will still produce kick-ass articles with one difference. If you really like them, there’s a way to say that with money 🙂
Being a big part of the Bulgarian Startup Ecosystem, I consult people a lot about their starting businesses.
I give ideas and create concepts for campaigns that people love and use. Now, there’s a way to say “Thank you”, expressed in cash.

You can find out more about me here.

Here are few call to actions for you. Pick one and do it:

  • Go to the comments, and unleash your hate. Who the hell am I, to ask for money ?
  • Tweeet this article in anger. Here’s a template for you – “Little shit asking for money. Who reads his blog anyway ? #ffs #radorado”
  • Actually subscribe and show your love.
  • Give me feedback (Comments / twitter) – How should I ask for money ? How to do it better ? Will be appreciated!
Write us your thoughts about this post. Be kind & Play nice.
  1. vicho says:

    asking for donations without lying for the reason is neither a crime, nor something lacking moral that we might hate. go ahead with confidence

  2. Alexander says:

    Rado ftw!

    Monetizing our skills (and also – increasing our skills) is the best way to pay our bills for electricity and is much better than going out on the streets, throwing rocks and blaming everyone else for our situation.

  3. Why don’t you give private startup skype consultations? I’m sure that for a 30 min consultation most people would gladly give you some cash 😉 and make it first time for free, and next consultation “pay as much as you wish” model. Just a suggestion 😉

    Everytime you end a consultation just remind the guys that if it was useful to them they can donate something on “link”

    • RadoRado says:

      It’s a good idea.
      I am now giving consultations for Start It Smart’s assisthing, but maybe, i will start giving some private calls 🙂
      Thanks for the suggestion.


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