I didn’t get selected for SEP

I had an article prepared, in case I was selected for the SEP Program (Summer Entrepreneurship Program) and no article, in case I am not selected. So here goes one for that case 🙂
It’s a once-in-a-lifetime program, where you are sent to the USA and you got everything covered. The only thing that is required from you, is to rapidly develop yourself and learn a ton of things while there.

I was really looking forward spending some time in USA for this so-called mini MBA program. You have to go to the valley at some point of your life and after that, bring the experience back to your country to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
It seems, I wont be that guy, which is sad.

SEP Reject Letter

SEP Reject Letter

As a final suggestion to the letter above – I would really like to have more details on why I am not selected and any kind of feedback.
A simple no without any reason won’t lead to improvement, and since SEP aims to improve the lives of 30 young people, they can go a long way by just adding few more details to the rest of us : improve your essay, Do some NPO / NGO work etc.

Good luck to everyone who got selected. Give your best there ! 🙂

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  1. alex says:

    I am sorry to hear that 🙁 The programme looks really great indeed…
    Btw, I got exactly the same letter one year ago, so it definitely proves the fact they haven’t changed and improved a lot their application process. #dislike

  2. Martina says:

    Hi, Rado! As far as I know your Start it Smart activity, you really deserved the SEP, frankly speaking it’s a shame they didn’t select you. But cheer up, i’m sure something better will come up. 🙂

  3. chim3v says:

    Hey RadoRado,

    Unfortunately, I recieved the same email on Monday evening.

    However, I suppose that there are a lot of people (200-300) applied for the program, so in my opinion the SEP organizers should guarantee more responsible elections, not only “yes” or “no” answer.

    Please, let me not agree that “since SEP aims to improve the lives of 30 young people”. The real aim of the program is to improve the lives of all bulgarian citizens through “bringing the experience back to your country to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem” as an young leader … another reason for more responsible election of program participants, which including how students will apply what they have learned upon their return to Bulgaria.

    Just my 50 cents. 🙂

    • RadoRado says:

      I agree with you – i didn’t write it clear enough. 30 people will come back with great experience, but the rest of the applicatns can also do better if they are provided the right feedback.

      Just as David Andreson told yesterday (Kanban guru) – Feedback loop with only yes and no can be the worst thing in your company.

  4. Venelinaa says:

    Hi RadoRado,

    I received the same email in Monday and I was very dissapointed with the SEP program. They did not provide any additional information about the selection process – shame on them! They need to provide a review to every candidate’s application, why he is not selected, what he can improve and what are his weaknesses. But, moreover, the SEP should provide additional information – such as the profile of the average candidate – otherwise, the whole selection process is too subjective, from my point of view.

    But, regardless of how much I am dissapointed with the program and with myself in particular, I need to understand that sometimes good is not good enought.

    I hope, that we will have great ooportunities here in Bulgaria and the summer will still be amazing.

    • RadoRado says:

      Well, it’s up to us to create those opportunities 🙂
      I was looking forward to learn new things during the SEP program but now i will have to go to that knowledge via other ways.

      The thing that you are proposing is great – average profile of the applicant, and of course, feedback on why you didn’t make it to the top 30 list.
      I guess we can all email them with a feedback request and hope for the best.


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