Feedback about Eleven’s Demo Day – HintOrTwo

I had the opportunity to be part of the first demo day ever happened in Bulgaria, since LAUNCHub and Eleven opened doors.

The startups from the first cohort of the Eleven Accelerator Program presented their progress so far and i have to say – i was really impresed by the quality of the pitches and the development of the businesses.

This is Part 1 out of 11, where i will give my feedback and propose some ideas for each of the teams that presented (Starting with HintOrTwo).

First, a disclaimer

All of the 11 teams are totally awesome and they should receive a follow-up investment just to develop their human resources and potential.
Giving feedback and personal opinion is really easy from my point of view, because i only watch and communicate with the startups.
They are doing the hard work to get their customers, metrics and investors happy, so i have no intention to judge or hate them.
I just want to be helpful and constructive by following this simple idea:

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So, lets start with the first startup:


About the pitch

Great job explaining what the product is (The screenshots helped a lot) and great job saying these two key phrases:

  • “.. all of the tools are getting digital but the methods are staying the same.”
  • Mentioning the Schliemann method

There are lots of people trying to solve the problem with learning foreign languages by digitizing the tools. You guys, are also trying to change the method and you are aware of that.
In order to improve the pitch a little more, you can try to emphasize on the idea that you are combining methodology and technology.

About the product and monetization

I have one really big problem with the platform here – it’s about search and not about discovery.
You are trying to crowd-source two things:

  1. The song lyrics
  2. The translation of those lyrics

And also trying to provide these two features to the users:

  1. Karaoke for the lyrics, synced correctly with the song.
  2. Translation for the words with good user interface.

Building a community is not an easy job and maybe you should try to cheat a bit.
There are tons of databases with song lyrics (they even provide APIs).
And since the second two things are the important ones, i have two open questions for you:

  1. Can you automate the lyrics search for each song ? If not entirely, what part of this can be automated ?
  2. Can you automate the translation after this ?

It will be easier for the users, to edit directly the translation and the karaoke sync.

About the revenue model – sounds really generic and i think it exists only because you must have one in order to get funding (I feel you.)
Premium content or teaching english grammar won’t do the magic (I did a quick check with 10 people – they will rather pay for courses with a teacher and use HintOrTwo as an extra tool learning the language)
I know you must have a revenue model but if you can continue doing this great UI and UX and create the community – something will pop out.


Here’s my list with suggestions for you:

  • Make the translations appear on hover and not on click (Or give the user the option to choose and track which is better). I was racing against the karaoke in order to click on the right word to get the translation
  • Make the lyrics box scroll automatically with the song progress.
  • Make it about discovery – when a song finishes, give me another one from the database without me having to click for it. I don’t want to stop, unless i want to stop!
  • You have really good tagline – “A little too addictive.” – Right now, there aren’t many addictive features (Check the suggestion above for one)
  • Integrate a little game (Check gamification) into the app to make it even more addictive. Give the users a path to walk (Check dualingo for example) in your app.

And finally – Don’t stop with only HintOrTwo. I am pretty sure you can develop a toolbox for learning new languages and this will be pretty great (and easy) to monetize. (Check zoom-out pivot)

Feedback for the next startup

I don’t follow any particular order, so if you want your startup to be next in my feedback list – let me know (by comment, email or tweet)

Also, i am open for discussion about my opinion. Together, we can create a really good startup environment 🙂

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  1. Momchil says:

    Momchil from hintortwo here. Thank you for the review. We take feedback very seriously and always the friendly tap on the back when someone likes our idea. A lot of your ideas we have already discussed and are in the pipeline. It’s all a matter of prioritization and resources. We have a lot more work to do 🙂 If you want to talk to us more, feel free to drop by in the office.

  2. RadoRado says:

    Hi Momchil 🙂
    I tend to go to the roof quite often, so i will drop by you next time 🙂

    Be sure to announce when you have new features 🙂


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