Feedback about Eleven’s Demo Day – Eventyard

This is part 3 of 11 with my feedback about the startups from Eleven Accelerator.

For more information about the blog series and one very important disclaimer, you can read part 1.

The startup on focus is Eventyard. I know the team for a long time (They started from 3Challenge) but i have never given them a deeper feedback about the idea. This one will serve as a starter


About the Pitch

I have watched Kiko pitching, i have watched Alex pitching and i have watched Kiko + Oleg + Alex pitching.
So far, this was the best Eventyard pitch i have seen.

Beginning with a story, which involved the other two founders and describing the problem that Eventyard is solving is awesome.
There are two things that i missed during the pitch:
Who is your competition and why are you different ?
There are near 5000 companies in CrunchBase, if you search for “events”.
There is Eventbrite, Facebook, Google+
If i put myself in investor shoes, i’d like to know if you are doing a clone or if you are building something new and interesting.
Do you have more meaningful data ?
500+ test users and 4000+ events is awesome, but:

  • How many events were discovered and attended ?
  • How many indie events got new audience from Eventyard without spending money for ads ?
  • How many users sticked to the system and attended more than one event ?

About the product and monetization

Evenryard is based on the concept for filtered streams – You discover more than one event at a time while providing your own filters (There are some predefined like “Nearest in town”).
The idea is really good, because events in Social Networks are almost always bound within your social graph and there are no filters (Which means lots of spam with events).
The product is really good and i think, with few tweaks, there will be tons of users using it.

On the other hand, monetization – your target customers are the hosts and you are going to offer them ticket selling, advertisements and advanced statistics (premium)
Now, lets go one by one through each monetization model

  • Selling tickets. Why use your system and not Eventbrite ? Is it going to be easier to sell tickets ?
  • Advertise events. Okay, this is viable but why advertise within your system, when i can create an event in Eventyard and advertise it within Google ? Or Facebook ?
  • Subscriptions. This is my favourite. Facebook don’t give you much data/statistics about your event. Eventbrite gives you how many people came to your event. If you can provide more data, hosts are going to love you.

In general, my opinion is that advertisements and ticket selling will be hard to “sell” to the hosts since there are better products and platforms for this particular task.

The one thing that can work really well is, if hosts decide your platform is the way to go, and stop creating events in 10 different platforms (This is my personal experiecne, as a head of Start It Smart. When we have events, i have to go through 7 different platforms, Eventyard included, and copy-paste the same text everywhere)


I interacted a bit with the new design of the system and my general feeling is – “I am confused”.
I had the same problem with HintOrTwo. It wasn’t about discovery, it was about search.

Not sure if discover events or search events

Click to enlarge

Lets start with my suggestions for the filtered streams.
The process for creating custom streams is not very clear.

Custom Streams

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  • The fields for hosts and tags are not well communicated. I have a stream, where i see all the events from hosts i follow, so maybe filtering by hosts is not the thing i always want to do (This can be hidden for advanced filtering)
  • The process for creating custom streams is kind of blind. I add filters, click OK, check what events i see, edit filters, click OK, check again and so on. This is a lot of clicks. A good idea here is to display, next to the stream creating popup, a realtime preview of how the stream is going to look. Change one filter and the preview changes immediately. This will give a nice feedback to the users and the process will be more seemless.
  • If i remove a stream it’s gone. Forever. If i spend 30 minutes creating a stream, deleting a stream should not be that easy. It’s a good idea to have something like WordPress’s sandbox for configured but inactive widgets. If i want to remove a stream, let it be removed from the list, but not deleted entirely so i can bring it back later.
  • It’s going to be awesome, if there’s a way to share my stream with other guys. Use case – there are tons of XMas parties around Sofia, so i want to create a custom stream, containing all of them and share it, so everyone can RSVP. This will make some people to be influencers in the platform so other people will follow them.

A suggestion for the recommended events:

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Make the text a link, so i can just click and go to my profile to add some tags. Less clicks is good 🙂

The draggable part of the streams, where you discover 3 more events is great, but if you add some visual sign, that if i drag down more than the half height and release, it will load 3 more and i don’t have to go all the way down. Also, make it to trigger at 30% height, not 50% 🙂

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Make it a never-ending game
If you want your users to stick, there should always be an event to attend, a review to give, a comment to answer or a host to follow. Never leave the users without something to do 🙂

And finally, being a games and gamification person, i am really looking forward to see how achievements will turn out for you. I think they are a great idea, but still seems like a beta version of them.
There is a simple question here – If i land on the platform for first time, what am i going to do ?

I think this is enough for a starter. Eventyard is an interesting startup so i will be writing more about them.

Your vote is important

In the bottom right corner, there is a poll – Which startup i should write about next ?
Since i don’t follow any particular order, the vote will decide for me 🙂

Any feedback is always welcome!

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  1. Georgi says:

    I watched the pitch but didn’t understand what is unique about the idea? I guess on each of the target markets there are already a number of local players like in Bulgaria. How do you compete them? What is the competitive advantage?

    • Kiko says:

      Hi Georgi,

      the uniqueness of the idea is the way the events are “discovered”, every single event site gives you map with pins on it (and you’re on your own from that moment) or like Facebook you have to be invited to the event (not that you love, but someone else loves) to know about it.
      We give you a simple solution: your personal interests + your current location = events you would love to see! Everything what you want to know is displayed on your dashboard so you can easily find it. You can customize it and keep track on your personal calendar.
      We also want to deliver our customers one really good and accurate database of event organizers with the rate and review options on Eventyard.
      Planing to do more awesome features in the upcoming months, so stay in touch.
      Thanks for the feedback, and please give us more 🙂


  2. RadoRado says:

    Hello Georgi and thanks for commenting 🙂

    Following their previous pitches (As i said – i know them from a long time), they are betting on the filtered streams, because if you use Facebook for events – there are tons and you can easily get lost.
    Of course, i am sure they are planning other stuff, so the best option is someone from Eventyard to answer and i will make sure that someone will 🙂


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