Coming soon – #hackfmi

I was sitting one night, browsing Facebook, reading about how bad our education is, when something struck me.
We should do a hackathon in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (Sofia University) !
The day before that, i was checking hackprinceton, so the idea formed fast.

I did a quick post in the Facebook group, where all the students from the Faculty are, describing my idea and the reaction was big.

The FB Post

The FB Post

Few people messaged me and the decision was quick – “Lets do it!”

My main idea behind this hackathon is to establish a tradition of something cool and useful in the Faculty.
Why not gather all the bright students, put them in a contest mode and make them do apps, tools & automations that can help the Faculty itself ?
We are the leading facility to produce IT talents for Bulgaria, yet, there are no signs of innovation and automation in the Faculty.
Also, traditions are the things that keep the students involved, and help Universities sell more. I want one day, high-schoolers to look are previous hackathon and say – “God, I want in, because i will participate in those epic hackathons!

Having said that, let me introduce you – #hackfmi, the soon-to-be traditional hackathon in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.

#hackfmi logo

#hackfmi logo

With a unique mix of proven models, like Startup Weekend, and some new ideas, we are going to disrupt the Bulgarian educational system, starting from the heart of all.

With the rising of the Bulgarian Startup Ecosystem, there is a great hunger for good IT talents.
And this is one of the best ways to put the students in entrepreneurial shoes. Can you develop something for 3 days, that must be working ? That is going to be integrated with the Faculty’s IT system and is going to be used by your colleges ?

We are working hard, so stay tuned.
Follow #hackfmi hashtagh on Twitter and for updates!

It’s going to be huge.

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  1. Alex Todorov says:

    +100 for this event.

    As I’m a little older and not involved with academia anymore I’d like to at least attend a presentation round and see what apps folks have made, find interesing ideas and meet fresh talent. Will this be possible?

    Btw see also Refresh Oxford – – for another hackday event.

    • RadoRado says:

      Yes, of course 🙂
      I will ping you as soon as the agenda is ready.
      We will be glad to have your input. If you are interested in doing a presentation, tell me.

  2. daniel says:

    Здрасти Радо,

    Виждам че имаш много готини идеи. Ще се радвам Ulympix да се присъедини към веселбата 🙂 Можем да измислим идеи които да се състезават при нас.


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