Call of the Guru materials

Earlier this week (28.05) there was a very interesting event, called “Call of the Guru”, that happened in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.

Call of the Guru

Call of the Guru

The idea was to gather freshmen together and talk about various topics, that are very interesting for the new students:

  • Working during the Bachelor degree education and the consequences of not going of the University.
  • Motivation for studying. Where to find it ?
  • What career path you should take ? Working for big companies, internships, working for startups.
  • Starting your own company while you are at the university

Big thanks to Maya and Mira (Two awesome ladies, that were the main part of the team, that won 2nd place at the first HackFMI) for organizing this great event. When I was a freshmen, no one cared about me and my knowledge and how i see the big picture of the university.

Now the things have changed and there are going to be more events like that, which actually bring value.

Miro from wrote a great article (In Bulgarian) recapping the entire event. You should read it !

My part and some materials

Call of the Guru

Call of the Guru

My part in the event was to talk about “Working for startups – What to know and what to avoid.” and as I promised, here are some interesting materials that I would recommend every student to read and know about.

The topic is huge, but this is a good starter.

If you happen to find other good materials worth reading – feel free to share them in the comments and i will update the article accordingly !

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