A Jobs Platform For My Blog

I am going to do an interesting experiment.

One really cool guy, Lyubomir Petrov, approached me with a question whether I’d like to link a sub domain, like jobs.radorado.me to his distributed jobs platform to give it a test.
I really liked the idea that I will have a local jobs platform without all the noise and administrate it myself.

So here’s the deal – jobs.radorado.me is now live and I am going to give it a try.

Jobs platform in a Blog ?

Yes, I know it sounds weird but the idea is a good one.
I am often asked to hunt people for positions in startups, so why not include my virtual profile in the hunt too ?

Since this is an experiment, I am going to put my own set of rules (You can check them in the section after).
Still, most of the companies and startups in Bulgaria are not using services like Careers 2.0 or SomewhereHQ (I think Eventyard are the pioneers there) so this job platform may come in handy.

Careers 2.0

Careers 2.0 – A Search for Sofia, Bulgaria

There are few more resources for looking for companies or talents for the startup ecosystem here, but the overall picture is bad-looking.
I wonder when the big guys from jobs.bg and jobtiger.bg will notice the big startup bubble and the huge demand for talents to work in the newly funded and founded startups here. I bet, not soon.

So How do I post an offer ?

This is simple – you go to jobs.radorado.me and use the button to add a new offer.

But keep in mind the following rules that I will apply to all jobs offers, before approving them:

  • Offers must be for programming jobs – something software or hardware related. No bartenders, please.
  • Each job offer will have a limited time to live on jobs.radorado.me – 1 month. Every offer that is month old will be deleted.
  • Be creative and tell a story. Everyone can create a boring job offer, so try to be different.
  • I hold the final decision. All jobs must be approved by me, so if I don’t like something, i will notify the owner / creator and remove it.
  • Finally, if you want more attention to your job offer, you can contact me for more details. Subscribing to my blog will help a lot there 😉
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